Best games to play on your new iPhone this Christmas

If you were lucky enough to unwrap one of the best iPhones for Christmas, such as the brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max, or even just a regular iPhone 13, then you’re in the right place: we’ve compiled 10 of the very best games to play on your new iPhone.

new iPhone 13 running iPhone game

Apple has spent a lot of time making the iPhone into a powerful, capable smartphone and the results, thanks to the latest A15 processor, are extraordinary.

Games play smoothly while barely draining battery life in our testing and Apple has finally relented and started fitting iPhone models with decent storage from the jump. No longer will people be forced to cram games onto a 32GB device.

We’ve tried to find games from across the spectrum for this guide, encompassing new and old, AAA studios and indies, to make sure that you have the most fun possible with your brand new iPhone.

1. League of Legends: Wild Rift

We’re starting off with an AAA bonanza: Riot Games has produced a masterpiece with League of Legends: Wild Rift and it’s the perfect game to stretch the legs of your iPhone.

With a 5v5 multiplayer, you’re instantly throwing into exciting and engaging battles with opponents, like its bigger console siblings. The gameplay is fast and fluid and we can’t really fault the game.

An excellent way to spend Christmas afternoon.

Download League of Legends: Wild Rift

2. Among Us!

Okay, okay, perhaps this isn’t the most niche choice but there is a reason that Among Us – the fast-paced, collaborative puzzle game – has been such a smash hit over the pandemic: it’s incredibly fun.

The mobile version loses none of the fun of its PC and console counterparts and playing on a small screen might even make the experience better, especially in the chaos of more crowded levels.

Download Among Us

3. Fantasian

Maybe you’ve heard of Hironobu Sakaguchi, the founder of Mistwalker. If you haven’t, you’ve certainly heard of some of his games, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts among them.

On this basis, you know that Fantasian is going to be good and good it is. With over 160 stunning environments, there is 60 to 90 hours of gameplay here – from a mobile game!

The battle mechanics and everything else are very well done and the game benefits from being on Apple Arcade, meaning you get access across devices.

Download Fantasian

4. Samorost 3

We featured Samorost 3 on our list of the best Android games for new devices and it’s making an appearance here too.

The exploitation/puzzle game is stunning and received universal acclaim for how unique and engaging the world, spread out across nine levels, and characters are. You play as a space gnome with a magic flute. Need we say more?

Download Samorost 3

5. Beyond a Steel Sky

Welcome to Union City, one of the last mega-cities in a crumbling world.

You play as Robert Foster and the mission, or at least one of the missions, is recovering an abducted child by scouring the wastelands of the world.

A dramatic, fun, beautiful, exciting, and well-made game, we think it’s the perfect companion to cosy winter evenings. It’s a little unbelievable that this game is on a smartphone, not console.

Download Beyond a Steel Sky

6. Dead Cells

The indie scroller that is Dead Cells has finally arrived on iOS and it feels like a homecoming. The larger screen iPhones, coupled with the beautiful graphics, are perfect.

Explore the ever-changing castle as your character, a failed alchemic experiment hellbent on vengeance. Or, at least, just having a lot of fun. It’s silly, intuitive, and a great way to spend a few hours.

On top of the game, the developers have put a tonne of time into creating DLCs and new levels, so watch out for those if you’ve played before.

Download Dead Cells

7. Downwell

If ever there was a game explained by its name then it was Downwell.

The developers describe it as a “curious game” and we wholeheartedly agree. You play as a boy searching for things down a well (in case you didn’t get it…) and the darkness is filled with lots of nasty things, some to fight and others to avoid.

It’s a simple, fun game that does what it says on the tin and sometimes that’s all you need.

Download Downwell

8. Florence

From the same people who did Monument Valley comes Florence, a beautiful and incredibly unique iOS game that follows Florence Yeoh.

Her life has become stuck, rotating between work, sleep, and social media, before she meets cello player Krish. We won’t say too much more to avoid spoiling the game but seriously, this one is really beautiful and calming.

Download Florence

9. Gorogoa

The second game from Annapurna Interactive, who also made Florence, is the somewhat puzzlingly name Gorogoa.

Your puzzlement is welcomed though as Gorogoa is a stunning puzzle game, designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts, and the design is one of the most unique and stunning we’ve seen on iOS.

We love Gorogoa and think you will too.

Download Gorogoa

10. Device 6

We close off the list of the best games for iPhone with a doozy: Device 6.

According to the developers, the game “plays with the conventions of games and literature, entwines story with geography and blends puzzle and novella.” We couldn’t agree more.

Device 6 is unlike pretty much all other games and we love it for it. Take the plunge and immerse yourself in a puzzling and beautiful world.

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