Surprising city breaks for autumn 2021

Is your next holiday still a long way away, but do you want to get away from it all? Then make a nice city trip this autumn together with a friend, sister, mother or loved one. You can of course spend a weekend to well-known cities such as Paris, Lisbon, Berlin or Rome, also lesser-known destinations are fantastic and will surprise you. Get inspired with these surprising city trips and maybe you can be found in one of these cities this fall. Of course we give you tips for a comfortable stay that are strongly recommended by other city visitors. Happy reading

A weekend in stunning Valencia
Even though more and more city trippers are discovering the surprising Valencia, it is still not as touristy as, for example, Barcelona. But what makes Valencia so special? The combination of old, new and hypermodern are key words here.

Wandering through narrow alleys in the old town, plop down on one of the many terraces and visiting the modern Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (or ‘the City of Art and Science’), are already 3 things you can’t ignore in Valencia. Had we already talked about the beach? Just outside the center you stand with your feet in sand and stroll along the cozy boulevard. A surprising city break for autumn 2021 is therefore Valencia, enough to do for a few days.

Bella Firenze (Florence)
Another surprising city trip for autumn is the capital of the province of Tuscany. The city of art and fashion: namely Florence. If you are a great art lover of the Renaissance, pay a visit to the most famous museum Galleria degli Uffizi. All the well-known names can be found here under one roof, such as Michalangelo, Botticello and Leonardo da Vinci. This way you have time for other special attractions. Not only can you find the Renaissance in paintings, the city is full of palaces and churches in this style.

Maybe you have seen the bridge Ponte Vecchio before in photos, if Florence is on your list you will soon be able to shoot beautiful pictures of the popular ‘Golden Bridge’ yourself. But in addition to the rich cultural offer, the city also has a lot of influence in the field of fashion and you can shop there as the best. The most famous shopping street is via de’ Tornabuoni with all the leading international fashion houses. Lots to see and discover, Florence is fantastico!

Promising Krakow
Krakow is one of those cities that you may think is drab and gloomy. But nothing could be further from the truth and perfect for a city trip in the autumn. Warsaw has been the capital of Poland for years, but did you know that Krakow was once the capital? This city has everything you want during a city trip: beautiful buildings, palaces, hip bars and restaurants. Delve into the history of wawel castle or dig salt yourself in the WIElickza salt mine that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Krakow’s great attention-grabbers can be seen in Rynek Glowny square. The lonely tower of the demolished town hall, with the crazy fallen head in front of it, is one of the well-known buildings on the square. The Mariakerk is the most recognizable building in Poland, which you will also find here. But a city trip to Krakow is not complete without a night out. Krakow is a real student city and is therefore characterized by the hundreds of pubs and clubs. So on to Krakow.

Get in the car and drive to Cologne
Find your sociability, intimacy and conviviality; Cologne is a real atmospheric city. For example, during the autumn holidays, enjoy a long weekend of culture in this cozy city on the Rhine. The short travel time makes it all possible. With a car ride under 3 hours from Utrecht you can easily be among the sights of Cologne

The Cathedral is literally the highlight and stands with its tower of 157 meters in the middle of the center. Fancy museums? In the city of chocolate and cologne, walks through the Schokoladenmuseum and the Perfume House are a must. Are you considering a city trip to Cologne and do you want to know more? Then read the article ‘City trip of the month: Cologne’ that was written a few years ago. Maybe you can add a few more nice sights to your list.

Budapest in the autumn? Do!
Together, with your sister or mother, experiencing a nice city trip in a city that may not be in your top 5 list? We and other cityhoppers recommend Budapest. The capital of Hungary is also called the ‘Queen of the Danube’. The river Danube runs right through the city, you can very easily walk from one side to the other via the Chain Bridge. It was the first bridge to connect the two parts of the city.

It is an impressive city with monumental buildings, bridges, squares and gardens. You are never far from an interesting monument, a beautiful park or a cozy restaurant. Drink food and of course shop in the car-free shopping street Váci utca and is located in the city part of Pest. Tip: rent a bike and discover the Maraget Island in a fun way.

Fun and entertainment in Dublin
Is Dublin a fun destination for a city break? Yes! Dublin is such a surprising city trip for the autumn where you will especially have a lot of fun. Because it’s an hour earlier in Dublin, it seems like the trip takes you almost no time! The centre of Dublin is quite small so you could explore the city on foot. If you prefer to take public transport, buy the Leap Visitor card on arrival at the airport. This allows you to cross the entire city for three days without limitation with the LUAS.


The Irish are very friendly and very hospitable. If you have lost your way for a while, there will soon be a group of Irish people next to you who would like to show you the way. A visit to the famous Temple Bar is of course not to be missed. This street in the centre is the heart of Dublin’s nightlife. Listen to live Irish music, order a real Guinness and enjoy the bustling atmosphere.

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