The most epic night train routes in the world


For many of these routes, of course, you can also get on the plane, but if you are not in a hurry, why not travel the road by land? A trip by night train is often more relaxed, but more importantly: you have more time to absorb the beauty of the world and it is a lot more planet-friendly!

Of all the means of transport, the train emits even the least amount of greenhouse gases. Plus, you’ll have just a little more comfort and space than if you’re traveling by plane, you can enjoy the sunset and rise, and you’ll see the landscape slowly change from city to suburbs, and from farmlands to mountains or deserts. Often there are different levels of luxury, each with its own charm to choose from and so there is often an option for every budget. We list some of the most beautiful train journeys for you.

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
After the Vietnam War, the trains that run on this track are also referred to as Reunification Express, because they connect the former North and South Vietnam. The track runs between the two huge cities and thus spans almost the entire length of Vietnam. In about 35 hours you will pass a whole range of sights: historic towns, rice fields, green hills and the shimmering South China Sea.

For the cheapest option, if you choose hard seats, if you want a little more comfort, you can opt for soft berths in a cabin with 4 or 6 places. And if you are very fond of privacy, for which you would like to pay a little more, then there are also VIP compartments available. Tickets can be ordered online in advance.

Chicago to San Francisco, United States
During this epic journey over 3900 kilometers of track, the California Zephyr takes you past snowy mountains, sweltering deserts and gorges cut out by rivers. In 1869, this was the first track to cross the Continental Divide, the ridge that separates the watersheds from the rivers to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The Zephyr departs chicago daily at 14:00. For the best availability and best prices, it is best to book far in advance, this can be done up to a year before departure. A non-stop trip takes 52 hours.

Rome to Syracuse, Italy
To get from the Italian capital to the historic Sicilian Syracuse, the train has to bridge a piece of water, for which it goes on a boat. After the train has passed the coast of Calabria, it is hoisted onto the ferry to cross the Strait of Messina, before the road can continue across the island.

Every evening, two night trains leave Rome, at 21:05 and 23:00. Train tickets can be ordered online. The train takes about 12 hours to reach its destination, of which 30 minutes by sea.


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